Alors que la fin du mois de Mai approchait à sa fin, commençait pour nous une semaine intense de travail en Algarve.

Pendant cette semaine nous reçumes avec grand plaisir l’équipe PUMA FRANCE pour évènementaliser le lancement de la saison PUMA PE 17.

Et même si la météo n’est plus très certaine de nos jours, nous ne pouvons pas nous plaindre car le soleil était au rendez-vous.

Quel bonheur de voir une équipe dynamique avec beaucoup d’humour et soudée!

Quelle joie de revoir Richard… quel privilège de connaître des gens comme Christophe et échanger même que pendant quelques minutes à peine avec des gens si sympas comme Francesca, Nicolas, Mathieu, Lionel, Franck et beaucoup d’autres encore.

Puis témoigner lors d’une soirée où la musique et l’ambiance étaient au sommum d’un groupe autour de Rachid en communion au son de 1,2,3 Soleil!

Ça faisait quelques années depuis que Sandra et moi avions quitté une grosse boîte où nous avons travaillé 18 ans. En regardant l’équipe PUMA, avec des gens comme Richard et Christophe à l’oeuvre avec toute leur équipe, je puis vous avouer que j’ai eu chaud au coeur en me souvenant avec une certaine nostalgie, avec une touche de Fado dirais-je même, des meilleurs moments d’équipe vécus chez MARS.

Merci PUMA FRANCE pour votre sympatie et pour les émotions!

It has been almost one year since we launched Stories4Engagement. We gave our first steps in this beautiful world of opportunities by introducing our baby born venture to our professional network, former colleagues, potential partners and friends.


We are very proud and happy with the responses we got so far. It has been an amazing feeling of achievement each time we have been trusted with both the responsibility and the opportunity to collaborate in organizing unique team events with different teams and companies. So a big thank you to you all!


Yet, the most rewarding gift of all is the happy smiles, the kind words of incentive and recognition that we receive from the teams at the end of the day!

Great energy and good vibes feeding our souls, motivating us to do more and better and boosting our passion to craft and deliver memorable team events in Portugal!


We are looking forward for more. … !

Call us ! We’d love to meet your team!


Mars Chocolate Europe @ Lisbon , May 5th

It has been a fantastic week.

We welcomed to Lisbon an enthusiastic and energizing group of marketers from Mars Chocolate from all over Europe.

They loved the city and where full on into the activity.

We loved to work with the group! We look forward to meeting them again any time in the future.



“Tony Robbins sat with Inc. editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg and revealed his secrets on wealth, success, and financial freedom in a 7-part video series.

Here Tony shares what he believes is the single most important ingredient to success.

According to life coach Tony Robbins, one difference that separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones stands above all others. “

chek it out here :

Last weekend, we organised an event in Lisbon for ATALYS leadership team.
ATALYS is a french multinational company operating in 6 european countries in the energy sector.
The event we organised gave us lots of pride and satisfaction.
Thanks for your smiles and for the trust placed in us.
See you soon!



One week after the launch of STORIES 4 ENGAGEMENT, we would like to thank you for all the supportive messages that we’ve been receiving. It warms our hearts and boosts our confidence in the future. Speaking of future…we won our first client this week! 🙂



Even though our STORIES4ENGAGEMENT venture is starting just now, receiving foreign colleagues and organizing working sessions in Portugal in an engaging way is something that we did during many years as part of our job as MARS Inc associates.

However, it was only after we left Mars that we realized how much we loved to share the best of Portugal whilst creating memorable engaging events.


In October 2014, Sandra and I where having a brainstorm in an esplanade in Lisbon. Whilst Sandra was sipping her tea and I was drinking a beer, the idea of putting our many years of work experience in the context of helping others to discover the best of our country whilst achieving a concrete business/team objective gained traction.


The tipping point was the fact that after Sandra left Mars to follow her dream to travel around the world, she was asked to create an engaging event as an external consultant for MARS NORDICS management team. It was a success! This was just the energizer we needed to boost our confidence in the success of our idea. Thus we started to work to create the project as it is today.


From that moment onwards we relentlessly worked to build a concept that we are now presenting to you in this website.
It is about making the difference in people lives by creating unforgettable events, doing well by doing good, unleashing our passion for people and Portugal.


That’s how STORIES 4 ENGAGEMENT was born.