Create Value from Zero





Some segments of your business are no longer performing?


Has the “cash cow” become an “underdog”?


Are you looking for ways to create more value from your current business?




What’s the best way to trigger a step change in value creation? 


You need some time, the right place and the proper ambiance to find it out.


Bring your team together, inspire them and motivate them to share their thoughts and ideas.


Out-of the box and disruptive thinking are paramount to generate creativity, new insights and creating value from “zero”.




Plunge into Eastern Lisbon on the Tagus river banks….

Learn the story of Expo 98: its grandiose vision and how it became one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Europe


Discover how 330km² of old gas containers, decadent warehouses and landfill sites mutated into Parque das Nações, a modern, lively and exciting new district of Lisbon with 5Km of riverfront! 

Come and learn the story…


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in Portugal


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