Enlightened Ideas





Tight deadlines, short-term demands, the need to make urgent decisions while dealing with emergencies and high-priority tasks…


…does this sound familiar?


How to escape the pressure and strive for balance while increasing productivity at the same time?


You need enough time and the right environment to create new ideas.




Creativity is a pre-requisite for innovation as well as a  state of mind ….


Fall into a state of mindfulness. 


Open up your mind, empty it, look around and be inspired by the world… 


Relax, breathe, play…

…and great ideas will flow!




Discover wide, open landscapes; enjoy the fresh air, the agitated crystal clear sea waters and volcanic hot springs, the amazing contrast between lush green hills and deep blue ocean… an inspiring place to trigger great ideas!


Be inspired by the Azores, which earned the World Top Sustainable Tourism destination award in 2014. 

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