Envision the Future

Heritage and Legacy




You’ve just closed a successful cycle with your team.


You did it.

You made it happen and you made it full blast!


Now you’re looking for a new vision, one that will guide your high-performance team to the next stage of their journey.




It’s time to cater for the future.


To build on the heritage and the outstanding results your team had in the past.


Together, you’ ll write the next chapter of your legacy.


You mean to drive a sustainable business that will last.




Allow yourself to be inspired by the magnificent natural, architectural and cultural heritage of an iconic village that has been an inspirational haven for kings and poets for centuries. 

Reward your team by bringing them to this magic place where, together, you will be able to celebrate your victories and plan the team’s future legacy


The spirit of Sintra stood the test of time and was awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage site and part of Portugal’s legacy. 

Come and learn the story …


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