Grow the Core

The Essence of Douro




What’s the best recipe for growth?


How to find a balance between focusing on the core versus exploring new promising markets and products?


Growth is often about diversifying and innovating without losing sight of our own essence and identity, building on the business core values.




But what’s the best way to do it? 

Why does a given approach work in some cases but totally fails in many others?


Keeping the core’s essence while diversifying requires a subtle balance, elevating management to a whole new level of sophistication, full of valuable secrets…


At the valley of the Douro River you will get in touch with ancient secrets, successful examples that may provide you some insight about core growth.




This region has been producing wine for centuries. Its terraced vineyards are a dominant feature and a symbol of the Douro Valley…


Here, tradition is preserved despite the introduction of new production technologies, the expansion to new markets and different consumers and the fact that Douro red wines are conquering the world…

Come and learn the story…


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