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Is your core business under the pressure of an increasingly commoditized market, with its consequent margin erosion?


Are your core products likely to be outclassed by a new category of products from a different industry best suited to consumers needs?


Are you feeling the need to introduce new initiatives in order to bring out sustainable long-term growth?




If your business is under the risk of commoditization or losing its relevance for consumers, this is probably the right moment to invest time and resources in a deep innovation event. 


Cork wine stoppers account for around 66% of total production of cork. Since the mid-90s, a number of wine brands have begun using alternative wine closures such as synthetic plastic stoppers, screw caps, etc …


…How did the cork industry face this growing threat?


Cork Oak at sunset


Come to Portugal, the nr. 1 worldwide cork producer and find it out.


See for yourself how cork can go from a basic stopper to state-of-the-art and amazing applications, ranging from clothes and cinema special effects to shoes or aeronautics…

Come and learn the story…


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