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Are you in the process of building a high-performance team?


When we say people are a unique raw material, we mean it as more than a nice metaphor. Each individual is in fact unique, rich and full of potential.


The challenge resides in valuing diversity in the context of an established team charter – defining roles and tasks, aligning your people with the goals, setting standards, work methods and decision processes.


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It’s not an easy task – getting the most out of each individual whilst promoting diversity and combining their different skills to build a high-performance team.


Similarly to the process of extracting raw cork and transforming it into valuable products, fostering high-performance team behaviour requires time, dedicated impact sessions and a resolute effort to achieve higher levels of commitment and trust based on clear development models.  




If you wish to go through such a development process with your team, we welcome you at Alentejo, home to thousands of cork trees and one of the largest cork production regions in the world.


Before it reaches full maturity, cork undergoes a long cycle – a process that involves well-defined and precise steps, all of which contributing to achieve top quality cork. There’s much more to cork than meets the eye! 

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