Ready for Change





There are moments when disruption is necessary and all sorts of changes must be made…


But despite being a fact of life, change always gives rise to doubt, anxiety, resistance, fear of failure…


People may enter a state of turmoil as if their world were turned upside down, feeling lost and out of place, thus tending to oppose change…




Or, they may acknowledge the need for change, welcome it and making the most out of it…


It’s certainly a challenging task, but it is possible to promote a positive implementation of change, by:


…Bringing people on board

…Reducing stress and anxiety

…Leading and helping the team focus on the future




Let your team enjoy the atmosphere of a community of  who learned to live with the uncertainty of a harsh environment, coping with earthquakes, landslides and active volcanoes.


Meet people that understand the duality of nature , discover how the whale hunting industry evolved into whale watching tourism. Learn why the unique natural conditions in the Azores were responsible for the creation of Europe’s oldest tea plantation. 

Come and learn the story…


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in Portugal


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