Fighting Spirit

Invicta / The Unvanquished


Windy waves


Are you enduring a troublesome period and feel the need to reaffirm your team’s unity and resilience in face of adversity?


Despite the fact the team is holding  their ground, is adversity starting to take a toll on morale?




Creating a sense of belonging, alignment and identity around a cause by fighting tough battles as a team is crucial in such times.

It can be as important as recognising and celebrating victories in significant milestones.


It will lift the team up so they keep fighting with resilience.


It will increase the team’s ambition and their confidence in victory.




We can tell you a story  of a city that provides a great example of this, a city that has never bowed to any external menace. It raised victorious from the Napoleonic invasions,  and later, during the Portuguese civil war, Porto decided the fate of Portugal coming out victorious against the absolutist faction, after enduring a siege that lasted a full year!


Porto, nickname Invicta (literally, “the unvanquished”), is a reminder that our future is in our own hands.

Come and learn the story…


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