Reignite the Passion

In Love with Lisbon




You know your people and their unique individual skills.


You know how to best leverage their individual contribution to the team success.


They are already high performers, with high pace and drive, fully committed to their jobs.


How can you raise the bar even further?




Gathering the team together for a special event, investing time to gain a deeper understanding of each individual’s values, objectives and motivations may be the start of a new journey towards success.


Perking up the team and motivating each member for a common purpose and a shared belief…Defining a team charter reflecting the team’s vision and commitments for the future….


…Is a great way to motivate and reward superior performance.




Immerse yourself in the energy of a sparkling city vibrating with street art and Fado, hotels with recent designs and futuristic architecture, …in perfect harmony with the picturesque popular districts and charming old quarters…


Be inspired by the “Alfacinhas” (nickname for Lisbon’s residents), who are proud of Lisbon and totally in love with their city.

Feel it and let it inspire you and your team.

Come and learn the story…


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