Meet our Team

So that you may get to know us better

We have Two Passions:

We are in love with our country…
And we are passionate to drive results through people.


OUR BELIEF: Engaged people lead to great business results and teamwork is the best recipe for success

OUR MISSION: Creating an unforgettable event to engage your team


Thanks to our international working experience with multi-national teams, we are able to quickly grasp the corporate culture and team dynamics of international companies.
Our team relies on a broad set of skills gained through hands-on experience in sales, marketing, logistics and human resources.
We have many years of experience leading and managing people, building high-performance teams, planning business strategies and organising motivational events.

If you wish to know more about us, please contact us and visit our linkedin profiles.


Sandra Reis

Co Owner

“Life is About Creating Yourself”  I am always chasing the best version of me.

“Life is about Creating Yourself

Raul Andrade

Co Owner

I am completely attuned with the famous Monty Python quote   “Always look on the bright side of life”


”Even though our STORIES 4 ENGAGEMENT venture is starting just now, receiving foreign colleagues and organizing working sessions in Portugal in an engaging way is something that we did during many years as part of our job as MARS Inc associates.

However, it was only after we left Mars that we realized how much we loved to share the best of Portugal whilst creating memorable engaging events. In October 2014, Sandra and I where having a brainstorm in an esplanade in Lisbon. Whilst Sandra was sipping her tea and I was drinking a beer, the idea of putting our many years of work experience in the context of helping others to discover the best of our country whilst achieving a concrete business/team objective gained traction.

The tipping point was the fact that after Sandra left Mars to follow her dream to travel around the world, she was asked to create an engaging event as an external consultant for MARS NORDICS management team. It was a success! This was just the energizer we needed to boost our confidence in the success of our idea. Thus we started to work to create the project as it is today. From that moment onwards we relentlessly worked for several months to build a concept that we are now presenting to you in this website.

It is about making the difference in people lives by creating unforgettable events, doing well by doing good, unleashing our passion for people and Portugal.


That’s how STORIES 4 ENGAGEMENT was born.”


We’re looking forward to

Create your Team Event

Through Unforgettable Experiences in Portugal